• Areas your will should address (and who should write it)
  • The two types of trusts – and how they can help reduce the chance of a family conflict
  • A checklist to help you select the right person to carry our your wishes

What is Estate Planning?

The definition of estate planning encompasses a wide range of steps taken to prepare for the future. From the creation of wills and trusts to preplanning for your funeral, creating an estate plan allows you to clearly communicate with your loved ones.  

A good estate plan can address a wide range of issues, including: 

Distribution of money

Guardianship of minors or children with disabilities

Disposition of real estate

And much more!

Estate Planning vs. Writing a Will:

Writing a will is only one step in the estate planning process. An estate plan includes your will and other documents that have been designed to help your loved ones feel confident that they are following your wishes. 

Merit Advisors, LLC is happy to provide you with a free 12-page guide to help you answer questions like: 

  • Why is estate planning important? 
  • What are the basics of estate planning? 
  • What is a will? 
  • What is a trust? 
  • What else should be considered while building an estate plan? 

The reality is that only one in three adults have a will.  

The reasons for this are varied, but in general, people say, “I haven’t gotten around to it,” or “I don’t have enough assets to leave to someone.” However, estate planning is for every adult who owns assets of any kind, regardless of marital status or income. 

Although it’s not easy to think about the end of life, it’s incredibly important and worth your time.  

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Want to Learn More?

Check out our free guide and get started on your estate planning today. If you’re looking for someone to help you with estate planning in Ohio, we’d love to hear from you!

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